The 6th Annual Burlesque & Circus Festival : Houston, TX dates TBA

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The Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival is a yearly extravaganza not to be missed! This Houston burlesque, circus, and sideshow festival brings together timeless and titillating performance arts that will defy gravity and sweep you off your feet! We search far and wide to bring Houston WORLD FAMOUS, WORLD RENOWNED acts of breathtaking beauty and death defying stunts. These once in a lifetime events will leave you on the edge of your seat panting for more.

You’ll be delighted by everything from demure showgirls to boundary pushing sideshow acts, and from grace in the air to grinding on the ground. The BCBC Festival promises to fulfill your desire for the adventurous side of entertainment!

Not only does The BCBC Festival showcase talent, it also fosters it. We are pleased to offer a variety of panels and workshops for the seasoned and novice alike! Come expand your bag of tricks while enjoying the atmosphere of exciting likeminded ladies and gents.

After you’ve enjoyed the show and learned some new skills  you can look forward to indulging yourself in our Bayou Bazaar! The Bazaar features local artist, photographers, and designers ready to fill out the gaps in your costume closet, offer their unique set of wares, and introduce you to some of the amazing services Houston has to offer.

BCBC Festival Staff

KiKi Maroon  is a standup comic, radio personality, producer, and international award-winning burlesque clown. Her life on the road as a showgirl has given her a unique voice on stage. Combining standup comedy, storytelling, and cabaret; she has been called “a modern day Lucille Ball” (though Lucille never pulled a clown nose out of her panties). KiKi has charmed audiences across the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia; winning her the titles of 2013 Burlesque Comedy Queen and 2015 People’s Choice at The International Queen Burlesque Festival (Milan, Italy). She is currently based in Texas, where she was named one of Houston’s “Most Colorful Celebrities” by The Houston Chronicle and included in “The 100 Most Creative People” by The Houston Press.

When she’s not captivating people onstage, she’s calling the shots backstage, as the producer of The Burly Q Lounge, KiKi Maroon’s Comic Strip , and The BCBC Festival (international burlesque & circus festival). 

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Behind every great man, is a great woman. And behind every great woman are... More great women. July St. Juniper is The BCBC Festival's Artistic Director. Her keen eye and artistic aptitude are only paralleled by her dedication to the growth of the community. Not only is she responsible for all of the festival's art and graphics, but she assist in all aspects of the event as KiKi Maroon's "Snowballer" (a term that KiKi insist is a synonym for assistant).