The application process has just begun for the 2018 show, so for now, please enjoy this slideshow featuring our all star 2017 lineup! The competition was immense last year, with applications in multiple disciplines coming in from 7 countries, 26 U.S. states, and 7 Canadian provinces. To say that we find these artist to be extremely talented is an understatement! 

The 2017 BCBC Festival Line-up:



Ariel Helvetica (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Benjamin Kirsch (Houston, TX)

Chola Magnolia (Austin, TX)

Don't Blink Burlesque (Tucson, AZ, USA)

Emily Cage (Berlin, Germany)

Frankie Fictitious (San Fransisco, CA)

Honey Moonpie (Houston, TX)

Ickymuffin (Dallas, TX)

Juliette Electrique (Portland, OR)

KiKi Maroon (Houston, TX)

Lady Lola LeStrange (Austin, TX)

Matt Finish (Tucson, AZ, USA)

Persephone Illyri (Seattle, WA, USA)

Reverend Tommy Gunn (Los Angeles, CA)

Shazza Dazzla (Bossier City, LA)

Smolder' Scully and Miss Malicious (Dallas, TX)

Sugar Vixen (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Vivacious Miss Audacious (Grand Rapids, MI)

Y.E. Torres (Houston, TX)